Images fo Milazzo ... ... and a short video of her beauty  
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Milazzo - Peninsula of the Sun

with the name of Milae, given by Greek, it underwent several dominations. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Arabs came from North Africa and started the rebuildings of this small town. They began from the castle and they gave to Milazzo a symbol: the Beetle.

Milazzo is a peninsula and the closest point to the Eolian Islands. They share the same mythological history: Milazzo was considered the place where sun-god used to take his flocks at grass, whereas the Eolian Islands were known as god of the wind's house.
Milazzo has also a history : for his strategic position was inhabited and disputed for ages. There took place many battles. The fortress had different owners for many centuries.
In the lower part of the town, there are the bathing, touristic centre with beaches on the western and easter part and the beauties that only a city surrounded by the sea can offer. We are waiting for you......

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